HLH: Crystal Farmers Video.

A couple of months ago i shot stills for Harald Lunde Helgesen’s Crystal farmers video. The video is finally finished and the finished product is above...

The Crystal Farmers film is an extension of Harald Lunde Helgesen’s recent collection by the same name. The film is the second collaboration between Harald and filmmaker Jason Bradbury with an original score by Siri Schippers Skaar.

The film is set in a fictional world where subterranean farmers take great risks when entering deep caves in order to reach crystal fields where they harvest precious minerals to be traded in the nearby city. As one man is lost to the mines another has to step into the darkness. Son follows father and the cycle continues. We meet a young man just at the initiation into this life of hardship.

The Crystal Farmers was intended to take a more abstract approach to a fashion film; both Harald and Jason have no interest in fashion film that is an extension of a catwalk show or a moving photo-shoot. They work to the belief that film is at it’s most powerful when used to tell a narrative or create a mood, however abstractly that may be done.

My stills from the project can be found HERE


More info on the film can be found HERE



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